Your construction site is leaking money.

So we built a way to track that your assets, tools, vehicles and workers are together on the correct job site. Adding to your bottom line instead of sitting there, unutilized.
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Designed to track large, mixed construction fleets across many job sites so you can easily see everything on one platform

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In one place, not all over the place

Trusted by 500+ customers across Switzerland with mixed construction fleets across many job sites:

As a construction company, you want to be as profitable and efficient as possible

using paper & spreadsheets@2x

But how can you be efficient when you’re stuck using paper & spreadsheets?

These manual options leave room for errors. In an already low-margin construction business, you have no choice but to be effective with your tracking data.

  • Ineffective as company & inventory grows
  • Not suited for large projects
commodity GPS trackers@2x

Commodity GPS trackers and old software don’t work for your large, mixed construction fleets

You get frustrated with old software interfaces that lack modern features. And most GPS trackers on the market only work for fleets of vehicles.

  • Can’t access data on laptops, tablets or smartphones
  • Software crashes since the company who created it stopped fixing bugs
  • Cheap trackers don’t give you usable data
Staff and resources@2x

Allocating staff & resources to jobsites based on incomplete data lowers your margins even more

Is “doing it how we’ve always done it” worth losing thousands of dollars per month?

How Logifleet works

Track that the right mix of assets, tools, vehicles and staff are working productively on the correct job site

Unlike 99% of other tools, it's designed for mixed construction fleets and gives you data you can actually use.

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Step 1

Our implementation specialists help you deploy Logifleet

A Logifleet product specialist will train your team in person or remotely. We modify the software to custom-fit your business. So it won’t be a hassle.

Step 2

If needed, integrate Logifleet with your existing systems

A product specialist works with your IT team to integrate Logifleet with all your other systems. That way it doesn’t feel like a big change since it plays nice with your other tools.

Integration down stream:
Visual Planning | ABACUS | SORBA | BAUBIT PRO | A3

Integration up stream:
CAT Telematics

Step 3 image@2x
Step 3

Help rollout software to your staff

No one wants to battle staff to actually use new software. Our product specialists make it easy for workers to get their field reports done. So you can be sure digital timesheets will correct any poor work habits from paper timesheets.

Step 4

You have the data you need to estimate labor costs, track budgets and run reports

When you need to prove project progress to customers, defend against false claims or predict breakdowns before they happen - Logifleet gives you all that data in one place.

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Step 5

Your cash-eating construction business is now more profitable and efficient

Operational efficiency is the difference between winning and losing contracts. It’s now super straightforward for you to prove to customers that the project is moving along well.

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Satisfied customers all over Switzerland. Our contract renewal rate is 96%

Curious how LogiFleet can help your construction company stop leaking money?

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