Your workers each waste 45min per day searching for tools on job sites. 

What are you doing about it?

45 minutes - that's the average time lost per worker searching for misplaced or stolen tools. How much is this costing you over time?

Zero risk at all
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Every construction site needs to track their tools’ locations.

And 500+ companies are using Logifleet to easily cut the avoidable costs from losing or misplacing tools:

Lost, misplaced, or stolen tools cost money every day they’re not on the job.

  • Works for any sized tools & equipment
  • Customer support that actually cares
  • Long-lasting and low maintenance
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Hodge-podging your own tool system just creates more work.

Checklists and clipboards take way too much time to maintain accurate records. Foremen don’t want to make 10 phone calls just to locate a tool in the field.

  • Tools get left on random sites
  • Projects get delayed
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Excel spreadsheets or general purpose software don’t have the exact functionality you need.

  • Doesn’t do reservations, checkouts and tracking in one place
  • Don’t have access from the office and field


Ready to finally start avoiding
loss penalties, recovery costs, and high insurance premiums
that cost $1,000s per month?

Zero risk at all
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3 steps to making Logifleet Tool Connect pay for itself:


Choose which kind of data you need for each asset

We strategize with your team to get all your unique specifications.

”Why is the strategy part important?”

You have to get clear on the right data to track for your business to get the best results. We provide you a roadmap to get the best data and set it up for you.

step 2 image-3

Install GPS trackers on your tools

Installation can either be done by our experienced team or on your own. Devices run on batteries you can buy anywhere and last 5 years or more.

”Are the tracking devices heavy-duty?”

Yes, Logifleet trackers work in any weather conditions on any-size tool.

Step 4 image-2


Track every tool and know you’ll get it back

  • Categorize tool types so it’s easy to reference
  • Set up automations and reminders
  • Have more accurate project accounting
  • You don’t need to be an IT guy to use this

"Allows us to make optimal use of our resources in the field."

With Tool Connect, I know when the equipment is delivered, back to the depot. When the equipment is moved to the customer’s site, I have information that allows me to anticipate the return of the equipment. We can sense things in advance and anticipate.
Vincent Tissière
Vincent Tissière, Director - MTA

"No more wasted time and additional costs."

The storekeeper doesn't have to spend two hours a day dealing with management issues, inventory issues, knowing where and what.
Julien Délèze
Julien Délèze, Liebhauser & Délèze SA

Join 500+ profitable construction companies in Switzerland using Logifleet


Users in Switzerland


Employees & machines that are managed by the Logifleet solution in Switzerland


Satisfied customers all over Switzerland. Our contract renewal rate is 96%
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The best part? There’s zero risk with our 3-Month Proof of Concept

No contracts. No hidden fees. We offer a simple 3-month “test-drive” for companies in Switzerland so you can experience the platform for yourself.

Zero risk at all
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”Is the POC worth it?”

You get to use the full-functionality of the platform without paying for the installation. 9 out of 10 POCs we do result in a long-term engagement.

Curious how much ROI you could get with Logifleet?

  • See how we can fix your data tracking problems
  • Learn what features are top of mind
  • Show you the Logifleet platform in action
Zero risk at all
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How Logifleet helped Meyer Reinigung GmbH provide detailed proof of work, save on fuel costs, and improve customer satisfaction.