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Mini Tool Connect

Simplify Your Small & Medium Asset Management

Mini Tool Connect offers a solution for fleet, depot managers, and foremen aiming to enhance the tracking and management of small to medium-sized assets.

With real-time visibility and operational efficiency, Mini Tool Connect ensures your portable tools and equipment are always accounted for, reducing loss and maximizing utilization. 


Minutes per day spent by employees spend searching for tools


Of assets go underutilized

Lost, misplaced or stolen tools cost money every day they are not in use

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Real-Time Tracking

Instantly locate your tools and equipment, whether on-site or in transit, reducing search times and increasing productivity.

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Seamless Integration

Easily connect your assets and vehicles with VC & MC, integrating all your asset management needs into one platform.

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Extended Battery Life

With up to a decade of battery life, our solution is designed to be as durable and reliable as the tools it tracks.

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Operational Efficiency

Automatic identification and association of tools with vehicles eliminate the need for manual tracking, streamlining your operations.

How it works

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Connect Your Tools

Attach BLE beacons to your small to medium tools and equipment.

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Integrate Your Vehicles

Link your assets with vehicles and machinery already equipped with VC & MC.

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Manage on One Platform

Utilize our platform to monitor the location and usage of all your assets in real-time.

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How a transport company Bohnenblust AG is utilizing Mini Tool Connect to have a complete overview of their inventory

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Mini Tool Connect FAQ

What is the range?

The range of the Mini Tool Connect beacon is up to 80 meters. This enables effective tracking of assets within a considerable distance, ensuring that fleet managers and foremen can keep tabs on small and medium-sized assets like portable electro tools across construction sites and vehicles.

How accurate is the Mini Tool Connect beacon's location?

Location depends on the signal receiver, such as a Logifleet GPS (telematics) unit (Roma, Lina, Remy, Leo...) installed on your vehicles, trucks or construction machinery. The location and accuracy of the signal are relayed to our software platform and presented in the form of a GPS location.

How long does the battery last?

The battery in a Mini Tool Connect beacon can last up to 8 years, depending on usage patterns and environmental conditions. This longevity reduces maintenance needs and ensures continuous asset tracking without frequent battery replacements.

How does this solution work with other low-frequency equipment?

The Mini Tool Connect solution uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to connect to existing low-frequency equipment. It is compatible with Logifleet's 4G GPS tracking units equipped with BLE readers. Only BLE tags supplied by Logifleet are compatible. For integration of other tags, please contact us. This technology replaces traditional RFID systems, tags and readers.

Do I need my own telematics equipment to receive the location from a Mini Tool Connect beacon?

It’s better for you to have you own telematics equipment capable of receiving BLE signals, such as the Logifleet’s 4G GPS tracking units equipped with BLE readers. These devices will detect the Mini Tool Connect beacons' signals to provide location and tracking information through your management platform. In this way, Logifleet is building a network of GPS tracking units, capable of transmitting data from any Geobox. In addition to that, because the beacon detection is made automatically, there is no need for your employees to manually scan anything.

What is its size and how can I install it?

You can install Mini Tool Connect by yourself. Its size is very compact: 56.6 x 38.0 x 13.0 mm (L x W x H). It has two mounting points on each side. When you receive your BLE tags, they will have been added to your account by our Support team. Installation involves activating the BLE tag with a magnet, then attaching the Mini Tool Connect tag to the equipment you wish to track. The specific method can vary depending on the asset type but generally includes securing the beacon in a location where it won't be obstructed or easily removed. After installation, you'll need to assign the beacon with an object of your inventory (machine, accessory, equipment or tool) using the Logifleet’s App.

How to fix it?

If a Mini Tool Connect beacon is not functioning correctly, start by checking its battery level on Logifleet App. and ensuring it's within range of a compatible telematics device. For software or connectivity issues, contacting our support at can help resolve problems. If the beacon is physically damaged, it might require replacement.

Can I wash it with high pressure?

Mini Tool Connect bbeaeacons are designed to be durable and resistant to tough working environments (IP67) found in construction and utilities. However, it's advisable to refer to the manufacturer's guidelines regarding exposure to high-pressure water. Typically, these devices are water-resistant to some degree, but direct high-pressure washing might not be recommended to avoid damaging the beacon.

A comprehensive product offering and progressive subscription plans

Mini Tool
Telematic units
Road vehicles: cars, trucks, vans
Plug & Play OBDII or wired - invisible
2G, 3G, 4G
Off-road vehicles and heavy machinery
Wired - connected to the machine's power source
2G, 3G, 4G
larger tools
GPS battery powered
LoRa, 4G
Hand-held tools
Identification beacon
Employees on construction sites
Mobile App. iOS & Android
4G, 5G

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