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Koller Elektro AG

“Logifleet helps our accounting department with the monthly invoicing of the vehicles. The
kilometers driven are visible on the screen. Besides, we can see where our vehicles are in use."

Samuel Schäfli, CEO

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Mauron Gebäudetechnik GmbH

"Logifleet helped us to create more transparency in our business processes. Empty runs have been minimized and all processes have been optimized. Furthermore, we now have proof of our services and can thus avoid conflicts with customers. We have also benefited from the tool when it comes to billing projects."

Sacha Mauron, Owner & Managing Director

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Fürer AG

"With the help of Logifleet Report, we can react much more quickly to short-term emergencies. We always know where our service people are. This enables us to optimize the travel time to the service location. The short response time increases customer satisfaction and thus creates real added value .."

Markus Fürer, Owner & Managing Director

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IMI Hydronic Engineering

"The fleet management system is the ideal tool for our dispatching. In this way, our resources can be used optimally. The LFO report system reflects online the commitment of our service technicians, as well as the spare parts used in the field. This gives us the opportunity to bill the operations online and thus secure warehouse management for our controlling."

Martin Schmid, Head of Customer Service & Back Office

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Cavin Artgraphic SA

“Logifleet's shared planning enables you to communicate proactively. The localization of the vehicles helps to inform the customer of the exact delivery time."

Sébastien Chevalier, Deputy Director

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Froid Widmer SA

Before the implementation of Logifleet, customers dispute the hourly billing in order to reduce their bill. Geolocation and vehicle fleet management offers indisputable proof of service. We thus avoid conflicts and improve our credibility with our clients.

Julien Favre, Customer Service Manager

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Meyer Reinigung GmbH

Logifleet helps us to optimize processes and saves us more money than it costs. The system is a win for everyone. In addition, we now have proof of the assignments and services performed on site. "

Manuel Meyer, Owner & Managing Director

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Nexans SA

"The real-time vehicle and intervention monitoring system allows us to be in direct contact with our fitters throughout Switzerland in order to send them an assignment very quickly and to give them direct information on the work to be carried out. . With the management of assignments on Smartphone, we save about 2 months on invoicing. "

Thierry Bandelier, Head of Service Department

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