Get 150 CHF Galaxus credits for every person you refer to Logifleet,

while they access to Logifleet's products of choice for 3 months - Completely free!

Do you know a depot manager, SME director/owner, head of vehicle fleet and logistics, project manager, or financial controller in one of the industries we work with?

Send them our way, and get a 150 CHF voucher for each person that signs up for one of our products!


How it works


Spread the word

enter your email, and the email of the person you’d like to refer to Logiflet


Referee tries Logifleet

and gets a free 3-month subscription to Logifleet’s product of choice


You get a voucher

you will receive a 150 CHF Galaxus voucher as a thank you gift

Need more details?

1. Who is this for?

This offer works for anyone who refers a person that could benefit from using Logifleet, especially from energy, construction, building, and transport industry. And the best part is, you don’t have to be a customer yourself to participate in our referral program!


2. What do you need to do?

Simply enter your email address and the email address of the person you wish to refer to Logifleet, click submit - and your part is done!


3. What happens next?

If the referee decides to sign up, they will get a free 3-month subscription to any of the following products:

Not to forget, you get a 150 CHF Galaxus voucher as a thank you gift!