The 360° solution for Swiss SMEs to organize vehicles, machines and employees.

Discover how our customers use our products for field activity stamping, to dematerialize work reports, manage their fleets of vehicles & machines, enter intervention forms, and finally integrate this data into their business software.

Take 30 seconds to find out what you can accomplish with Logifleet at your construction site.

Meet Paul, a construction site manager.

Construction sites can be quite complicated.
Keeping track of equipment and people to make sure continuous progress is made can be very exhausting.
Paul is now optimizing his resources and receiving accurate data, which increases the efficiency of his team.

Paul is smart.
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How to introduce your employees to your new geolocation system.

Employees convinced by the need for the system: reducing travel times and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Vehicle tracking and fleet management. 

Christian's technicians are on time. This makes Christian's customers happy and brings new references.

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Proactive customer communication & precise deliveries

Christian’s planning is always up-to-date and can be accessed by everyone. The delivery notes are automatically sent to the customers.

Walter is smart.
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Curious how LogiFleet can help your construction company stop leaking money?

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