Track your vehicles & drivers - without it being a headache

  • Easy vehicle tracker installation
  • Free and quick data migration
  • Customer support that actually cares

Used by 500+ customers across Switzerland with mixed construction fleets across many job sites:

It sounds easy to track you vehicles - but it's not, is it?

Logifleet is the only tool that makes it easy to keep simple driver logs and maintenance files.

  • Plus all the analytics to improve your business along the way.
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Hunting through paper log books or random spreadsheets slows your processing time

Drivers end up making unnecessary trips. And vehicles spend more time in the shop than on the road.

  • Less facetime with customers
  • Vehicle costs are higher than necessary
  • You don’t really know where drivers are
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Contacting via WhatsApp, SMS or phone stresses drivers out

  • You waste hours per day just trying to keep everything straight
  • Dispatchers have to make 10 calls just to see who’s closest
  • Schedules aren’t followed the right way

“We had to communicate by radio to drivers…”

The arrangement of the trucks was very heavy for Agir. To respond to customer requests, we had to communicate by radio with the drivers. Today with the geolocation of vehicles, this is no longer the case!

Giancarlo Giacomelli, ACT AG

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Fuel costs alone eat up 60% of a fleet’s operating budget on average

Now add in vehicle maintenance, downtime, accidents, timesheet confusion, empty miles and all the other costs that make your margins razor-thin.


“Empty runs minimized.”

Logifleet has helped us improve the transparency of operational processes. All procedures have been optimized and empty runs minimized.

Sacha Mauron, Mauron Gebaudetechnik SARL


Anyone can put a dot on a map

Logifleet gives you tracking data you can be confident enough in to make decisions.

  • Doesn’t disrupt your processes
  • Works for any vehicle
  • Expert concierge support
  • GDPR data protection
Zero risk at all
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Implement your tracking devices

We’ll coordinate with you to figure out your preferred method of implementaiton for Vehicle Connect.

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Wired & invisible to the user Effortless installation

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Most popular

Option 1: We send a team of specialists to your job site to implement and configure Vehicle Connect. Requires no resources from you.

Option 2: We mail you “plug-and-play” OBD trackers & vehicle installation instructions. Ideal if you’re experienced with tracking solutions and have the resources to do it yourself.


Configure Vehicle Connect to your specific needs

Your business is unique, and we don’t ignore that. That’s why we help you define user permissions and integrate Vehicle Connect with your existing workflows.

  • Figure out your perfect combination of features
  • Maximize results and minimize setup time
  • Using Vehicle Connect doesn’t feel like a huge change
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Enable your geozones

When you set a geofence around a job site, you’ll get automated alerts whenever a tagged vehicle enters or leaves that boundary. This helps you make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be at a glance.

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Expert training from a team with decades of experience

Because even the smallest upfront investments lead to the best long-term results.

  • Maximize employee adoption from the start
  • On-site and virtual training

"We always know where our technicians are."

Thanks to LogiFleet Report, we react much more quickly to last-minute interventions. We always know where our technicians are, which allows us to optimize the routes to the place of intervention. The very short reaction time of our team increases customer satisfaction and brings real added value to the company.
Markus Fürer
Markus Fürer, Fürer SA

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Satisfied customers all over Switzerland. Our contract renewal rate is 96%
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The best part? There’s zero risk with our Vehicle Connect Starter Kit

No gimmicks. No hidden fees. We offer a simple “test-drive” for companies in Switzerland so you can experience the platform’s full functionality for yourself.

Curious how much ROI you could get with Logifleet?

  • See how we can fix your data tracking problems
  • Learn what features are top of mind
  • Show you the Logifleet platform in action
Zero risk at all
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How Logifleet helped Meyer Reinigung GmbH provide detailed proof of work, save on fuel costs, and improve customer satisfaction.