Test the full value of Vehicle Connect (software & hardware) — without investing a cent.

  • 100% free for 30 days. No hidden fees. No upsells. No “fake free” trials. Get started in 5 minutes.

1. We mail two OBD devices directly to you

The box contains two ‘plug & play’ OBD devices and a user manual that explains how to activate your account.

  • Trackers will not damage your vehicles
  • Simple to install


2. Start your 30 day free trial

You'll be given a unique code allowing you the full functionality of the system when you sign up for your Logifleet account.

  • Your GPS data is private (we cannot see it)
  • No learning curve


3. Optional training from our team of product specialists

We offer free webinar training to get you up to speed on the product. Hardware, software, whatever you need.

  • Have real data to show your executive team at decision time
  • See for yourself how straightforward the system is

Used by 500+ customers across Switzerland with mixed construction fleets across many job sites

What makes Logifleet different from all the other tracking products?


Not fully testing out GPS software AND hardware before buying is dangerous.

This isn't a CRM or project management software. Without test-driving the solution first, you risk making the wrong choice and being stuck with a solution that's not the right fit for you.


We're de-risking a risky process

The reality is, there isn’t a way to truly “try before you buy” with fleet tracking solutions.

  • Hard to get set up properly
  • Inaccurate data can lead to lawsuits or HR nightmares

We act as an "extension" of your team

Other tracking companies promise you a "Free Trial", but ghost you until you're locked into a paid contract.

  • With Logifleet, we talk only when you’re ready to talk

Why 500+ profitable construction companies are adding more to their bottom line with Logifleet: