Logifleet’s founder Raphael Greppin is featured on the No. 1 construction podcast in Switzerland

Podcast: Prevent expensive idle times with fleet management | Logifleet
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Raphael Greppin on the No. 1 construction podcast in Switzerland

About Marco Fehr podcast

Marco Fehr has over two years of podcasting experience, along with more than 18 years of construction experience. He interviews construction experts and entrepreneurs to help builders, investors, and architects make the best industry decisions. The ultimate goal of his podcast is to educate its audience on innovative construction products and services, sustainability, efficiency, and, most importantly, how to avoid various construction issues.

Marco claims that high-quality construction begins with the right selection of entrepreneurs and experts and that the price difference shouldn’t be the only criteria for construction decision-making. That’s why his team brings five-star companies into digital visibility and presents their expert knowledge in their podcast and blog.

About the episode

In this episode, Logifleet’s founder Raphael Greppin talks about some of the high value returns construction companies can expect from incorporating fleet management software into their arsenal. You will find out how Logifleet reduces CO2 emissions, helps with vehicle maintenance, and improves efficiency by reducing the overall number of unnecessary fleet kilometers.

Raphael also touched upon some common fleet management prejudices he encountered in the last 20 years of running Logifleet. That said, if you want to use fleet management software, but you’re worried about employee monitoring, data protection, or you think your fleet might be too small for it, you should give this podcast a listen.

About Logifleet’s suite of products

Every construction site should pay attention to its workers’ time, as well as the location and efficiency of their tools, vehicles, and machinery. Keeping track of everything manually results in wasting time and money on locating equipment, contacting drivers, and finally, having your tools unutilized.

Offering four different solutions, Vehicle, Tool, Machine, and Worker Connect, Logifleet built a way to ensure your assets and staff are working productively on the correct job site.


Raphaël Greppin

Raphaël Greppin

Founder and director of LogiFleet SA since 2002, I take care of the company acquisition and projects management.