Logifleet’s Product Manager and Managing Director, Valentin Fournier, talks about Logifleet 360° Platform

Podcast: Valentin Fournier talks about Logifleet 360° Platform
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Valentin Fournier talking about Logifleet 360° Platform

About Marco Fehr podcast

Marco Fehr has over 18 years of construction experience and currently runs the most popular construction podcast in Switzerland. In the last two years, Marco interviewed various construction experts and entrepreneurs to help builders, investors, and architects make the best industry decisions. In his podcast, he aims to educate the audience on innovative construction products and services, sustainability, efficiency, and, most importantly, how to avoid various construction issues.

According to Marco, the secret of high-quality construction lies in the right selection of entrepreneurs and experts you work with. That's why his team works with top construction companies and showcases their knowledge in his podcast and blog.

About the episode

In this episode, Logifleet’s managing director and product manager, Valentin Fournier, talks about Logifleet’s 360° platform, how it works, what kind of hardware needs to be installed in your vehicle for it to function, and how you can test the system yourself.

You will also find out how Logifleet’s tools help construction companies reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and improve efficiency by reducing unnecessary fleet kilometers.

Valentin explained the importance of knowing exactly where your machines are located, how much fuel they consume, and how Logifleet’s products can ensure your construction site runs as efficiently as possible. If you want to find out how to get up to 25% more accurate hourly reporting of your construction machines’ times, you should give this podcast a listen.

About Logifleet’s suite of products

Logifleet 360° gives access to the simplest and straight forward time recording solution that collects the working time of all your employees in a digital way instead of paper logs.

With four different solutions, Vehicle, Tool, Machine, and Worker Connect, Logifleet allows construction companies to keep track of their workers’ time, as well as the location and efficiency of their tools, vehicles, and machinery. That way, you can rest assured that all your assets and staff are working productively on the correct job site.


Valentin Fournier

Valentin Fournier

Managing Director and Product Manager for Logifleet part of the company since 2013. We are Offering a Mobile Resource Management software for the construction, building technics, utilities and transport companies.