An easy to use tool helps you fully digitize your construction sites

  • Connect your vehicles, tools, machines, people and work processes
  • Real time view of your progress on the ground
  • Automate invoicing by site
  • No more time sheets and hard copy reports
  • Works on your mobile too!

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Every construction site needs to track their tools’ locations.

And 500+ companies are using Logifleet to easily cut the avoidable costs from losing or misplacing tools:

Many construction sites? We’ve got you covered

A tool built with our customers, for our customers


What’s different about Logifleet and why would I switch?


Ease of use and implementation

  • No outsourced deployment.
  • No broken systems down the line.
  • Easy for your staff to use.
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Built by people who know your industry. Supported by people who’ll know your name.

  • Your emails get answered.
  • Your calls get picked up.
  • Your concerns get addressed.
  • A whole team of deeply experienced industry experts ready to help you.
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We integrate with your existing systems

Logifleet  integrates with core planning tools. This provides you insights on your assets:

  • Understand your asset bottlenecks 
  • Get insights into wasted resources
  • Improve your asset allocation
  • Optimize planning

Why 500+ profitable construction companies are adding more to their bottom line with Logifleet

2 out of 10 pieces of heavy equipment are unused on construction sites

Prevent even more money from being lost on your construction site

Zero risk at all
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