Connect Logifleet with Abacus for automated data collection





Abacus is a Swiss-made business software used in finances, HR, administration, sales, production, and service departments.

By integrating with Logifleet, a tool designed to track mixed construction fleets across job sites, Abacus gets automated data collection from Logifleet’s GPS devices and sensors.

Automatic updates.
Saving time & effort.

This data is then used to populate relevant fields in Abacus, saving you time and effort, and helping you estimate labor costs, track budgets, and run reports.

The integration provides automatic updates to Abacus when changes are made in Logifleet, ensuring your data is always accurate and up-to-date.

Benefits and features

Automated data collection

No more paper reports that need to be manually entered into the system.

Access to up-to-date, accurate project cost reports

See how your projects are progressing in real-time and make informed decisions accordingly.

Reduced efforts and costs in back-office tasks

The integration will automate the process of data entry, saving you time and money.

How it works




Each time a project gets open or closed, Abacus updates LF360º accordingly




LF360º records the engagement time and uses GPS tracker to allocate those durations to Abacus’ projects



Project financial actuals

Our native integration into Abacus transformed the hours into CHF



Machine engagement time

(MAchine Connect Billing API)

Equipment engagement time

(Tool Connect Billing API)

  1. Logifleet delivers clean and aggregated data directly to Abacus
  2. In Abacus, that data get transformed into CHF and gets allocated to the selected projects
  3. The management monitors projects and takes actions based on up-to-date, precise, and consistent project cost reports
  4. Senior executives can follow KPIs and metrics based on clean data sources
Abacus - Logifleet

How to set it up

Book a walkthrough of Abacus and Logifleet with one of our experts, and find out how to connect your data in minutes.

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