Connect Logifleet with DOMUSand reduce manual data entry





DOMUS ERP is accounting software for administrative professionals and housing companies.

Integrating Logifleet, a fleet management software designed to track mixed construction fleets, with DOMUS ERP

Automatic updates.
Saving time & effort.

Can help save time and avoid errors by automating the data entry process.

Benefits and features

Easily imports working hours from Logifleet into DOMUS

Saves time and reduces errors by eliminating manual data entry

Provides the data needed to generate invoices for services rendered by your employees

How it works



Worker Connect has the custom export, respecting the Domus format to import the working hours.


HR module gets filled with the working hours of the employees.

  1. The employee clocks their working hours using the Logifleet app instead of paper timesheets
  2. The data is used to generate .xls reports that can be uploaded into DOMUS ERP
  3. Those records are used to generate invoices
Abacus - Logifleet

How to set it up

Unfortunately, DOMUS does not offer any APIs that would allow for a proper integration between the two systems. As such, the integration must be done manually.

Book a walkthrough of DOMUS ERP and Logifleet with one of our experts, and find out how to connect your data with ease.

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