Connect Logifleet with SORBA for automated data collection





SORBA EDV AG is specialized in developing software tools for construction companies.

Integrating SORBA with Logifleet, a tool designed to track mixed construction fleets across job sites, allows for automated data collection from construction fleets, eliminating paper-based reporting.

Automatic updates.
Saving time & effort.

This results in accurate data and reduces costs associated with manual tasks.

In addition, it provides fleet managers and back-office with the ability to monitor projects in real-time.

Benefits and features

Automated data collection

Avoid manual data input and improve accuracy.

Back-office automation

Reduce time and cost associated with manually entering tasks, and eliminate paper-based processes.

Monitor projects in real-time

And make data-driven decisions

Get KPIs and metrics

Based on clean data sources

How it works



Machine Connect history data



Daily Report gets filled

With the Machine Connect construction sites activities

  1. Logifleet delivers clean and aggregated data directly to SORBA
  2. SORBA uses its algorithms to automatically populate the "Daily Report" feature
  3. This report includes information on vehicles, equipment, and workers, as well as the shift logs
  4. Back-office users can access this data directly from SORBA's software tools
Abacus - Logifleet

How to set it up

Book a walkthrough of SORBA and Logifleet with one of our experts, and find out how to connect your data in minutes.

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