Starter Kit Offer Terms

If you are using the Logifleet's Services on a trial basis, you may only use the Services for the limited trial period specified by us or on our website at the time of your order. Your trial use is subject to these Terms. 

To benefit from our free trial period, you must complete the request for information, we will contact you to verify the information you have provided, however without complete information Logifleet reserves the right to refuse your request.

Your trial period starts once you have installed the GPS tracking device in your vehicles and when you have activated your account on the app. 

At the conclusion of your trial period, you will either:

(i) immediately cease all use of the Logifleet's Services, and return the Hardware (upon your request, we will provide you with a free return label you may use), or

(ii) promptly purchase a subscription of the Services from the trial end date, and begin paying for the Services, and purchase the Hardware unless you choose to rent it.

When the trial period ends, and unless we have received the Hardware in return within 30 days after the trial end date, you will be considered to have purchased a subscription of the Services and you shall pay against invoice 10 days net the applicable subscription and hardware fees or, if you have submitted your credit card information, we will charge your credit card.

Hardware fees for 2 vehicles will be 198.00 CHF (HT) and subscriptions fees for 2 vehicles for 12 Months will be 286.00 CHF (HT). These fees correspond to our Vehicle Connect S pricing plan.