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Easily track your workers time on each jobsite

Time and location data to verify all your workers are on the correct jobsite. Get set up in 10 minutes or less.

  • Provide detailed proof of work
  • Easy for all workers to use
  • Control labor costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
Zero risk at all
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Download the Worker Connect mobile app

Workers hours are associated with specific job sites, so you know which hours belong at which jobsite.

  • Ideal for site managers, foreman, technicians, installers, painters and many more
  • Workers are able to log time for a team and track project progress from the field using the mobile app.
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Validate or edit worker’s time entry

Once workers start recording times in the mobile app, you'll see time entries pop up in the Validation Report.

  • You can always update or delete time entries later on
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Use time data in all areas of your business

You can easily export time entry reports to Excel, PDF, or ERP software. You can:

  • Automate the generation of invoices directly from Worker Connect for labor, materials and equipment
  • Integrates with billing & HR systems.

Hundreds of construction companies see ROI during the 30-day free trial

(we’re sure you will too)

  • Get set up in 10 minutes or less
  • Easy for all workers to use
  • Full functionality & unlimited users
Zero risk at all
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Used by 500+ customers across Switzerland with mixed construction fleets across many job sites

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