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Track your assets, tools, vehicles and workers from one single platform

  • GPS Machines tracking
  • GPS Vehicles & drivers tracking
  • GPS Tools tracking
  • Mobile app for worker time tracking
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Tool Connect

Tool Connect allows you to use GPS tracking to keep track of valuable tools. Stop wasting money on replacing expensive lost or stolen equipment with Tool Connect by Logifleet. 

  • Works for any sized tools & equipment

  • Customer support that actually cares

  • Long-lasting and low maintenance


Vehicle connect

Fuel costs alone eat up 60% of a fleet’s operating budget on average. By using our easy to install OBD devices you’ll be able to use our software to track:

  • Fuel consumption

  • Vehicle utilization

  • Vehicle location

  • Maintenance history and service deadlines

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Machine Connect

2 out of 10 heavy equipment assets are just sitting on jobsites unused. How much is this costing you over time?

By using our GPS tracking tools on your heavy machinery, you’ll be able to esnure that:

  • The right equipment is at the right jobsite, at the right time. 

  • Track underutilized equipment at your jobsites and reallocate them. 

  • 3 month ROI guaranteed.

See availibility@2x

See availability of vehicles, machines & assets with real usage and scheduling data

Idling, fuel waste, and unauthorized use can make vehicles and heavy equipment even more expensive to operate. Logifleet helps you recover these costs.

  • Get a centralized view of all your assets
  • Know how machines & vehicles are actually utilized
  • Scope and estimate work based on historical data

Track your workers' time on each jobsite

Get time and location data to verify all your workers are on the correct jobsite. Get set up in 10 minutes or less.

  • Track your workers' time on each jobsite
  • Follow the progress of your projects
  • Control labor costs
  • Works on any device

Integrate LogiFleet with your existing systems

Logifleet integrates with core planning tools. This provides you insights on your assets:

  • Understand your asset bottlenecks 
  • Get insights into wasted resources
  • Improve your asset allocation
  • Optimize planning

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