7 fleet management tools every fleet manager needs in 2022

7 fleet management tools every fleet manager needs in 2022

Fleet managers have a tough, high-stakes job. They shoulder endless tasks and responsibilities. Every decision they make could mean the difference between gains or losses for the company. No wonder so many feel lost and stressed out!

Luckily, a fleet manager’s job can get a lot easier with the help of technology. Fleet managers who move away from manual workflows to automated ones report increased productivity and business revenue. It’s time to banish outdated processes and increase team efficiency with fleet management software. 

Here are some essential tools every fleet manager needs in 2021. (Hint: Logifleet is an all-in-one fleet management solution that includes all of these tools. Learn more about our features.)

  1. Fleet monitoring hardware & software (app)

    A real-time GPS monitoring tool helps managers visualize the routes and locations of every driver and vehicle in the fleet. This tool makes it easy to track and manage deliveries and jobs. Fleet monitoring is essential for the modern day mobile workforce. It improves fleet visibility, accountability and productivity.

  2. Fleet maintenance alerts and logs

    This tool keeps track of vehicle maintenance schedules so fleets can keep their most valuable assets in the best condition possible. Well-maintained assets have longer lifespans, use less fuel, require less emergency repairs and have higher resale value.

  3. Fuel management tool

    The #1 priority for most fleets is reducing fuel costs. Fuel management tools track fuel expenses and mileage. They deliver insights that help fleets managers reduce operational costs. Drivers can also link their fuel cards with the software to easily log fuel receipts.

  4. Inventory, tools and small equipment tracker and usage logs

    It’s hard to keep track of all the tools, equipment and vehicles in a fleet. This tool helps with inventory management so fleet managers know exactly what they have, where it is and who is using it. Managers no longer have to physically track down assets or keep complicated spreadsheets.

  5. Digital document management tool

    Many paper forms, reports and logs can be replaced by digital versions. Digital documents are easier to store, send, retrieve and review. This tool cuts down administrative work and centralizes many pieces of information all in one place. It can store work orders, timesheets, drivers’ schedules and even automate billing.

  6. Asset scheduling and assignments

    Smarter scheduling and vehicle assignments prevents over or under-use of fleet vehicles and assets. This lowers the total cost of ownership for many assets and minimizes downtime. This tool also improves project management and team productivity.

  7. Smart route optimization tool

    One of the most important tools in fleet management is the route optimization tool. Much of a fleet’s success relies on fleet vehicles making multiple stops, on time, every single day. Planning manual routes or relying on Google Maps is time-consuming and tedious. 

A smart route optimization tool takes into account local traffic data, driver schedules and various time constraints. Using route optimization software, fleet managers can plan multiple routes in minutes instead of hours.

What to Look for in a Good Fleet Management Software

Not all fleet management software is created equal. Whether you’re new to this technology or shopping around for a better alternative, here are some tips to help you pick the best one for your needs.

  • Do they offer custom packages?
    There’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” fleet management software. Great software companies customize subscription packages to fit your unique fleet’s needs. Each package includes different services, features and add-ons depending on the solutions you need and your budget. Look for a fleet management software that scales as your business grows to make sure you get the most out of your investment.


  • Is it a comprehensive solution?
    There’s nothing worse than relying on a dozen different pieces of software just to run your fleet. An excellent fleet management platform has all the tools and features you need, all in one place. Not only is this more convenient, it also centralizes all your data and improves team cross-communication.


  • Do they deliver amazing customer service?
    If you need help with your new fleet management software, is it easy to talk with a real person? Are they friendly? Are they industry experts and problem solvers? Can the fleet management company help you with setup and troubleshooting? Look for a company that is not just a vendor, but also a good long-term partner.


  • Does the software save you money?
    Look for a fleet management software that helps you accomplish your KPIs and generates a positive ROI. Whether your goal is to reduce fuel costs or better monitor aggressive drivers, a good fleet management software should help, not hinder you. It’s easy to evaluate a fleet management program. Once it’s set up, it should “pay for itself” so to speak. The money it saves should be equal to or more than the cost of the service.


  • Is it easy to set up and use?
    There’s no point in buying a fleet management software if you have no intention of using it. Great fleet management systems should be pain-free to set up and use. Clear navigation, simple dashboards, reliable insights and deep analytics all help managers make better business decisions, faster. Remember, fleet management software can only show you the data - it’s up to managers to interpret and act on this information.

Before you pick a fleet management software, assess your current needs, processes and challenges. Here’s a downloadable checklist to help you evaluate how your fleet is doing.

Look no further…

Logifleet is the ultimate fleet management solution for fleets of all sizes. Schedule a call with us and we’ll show you how our software can help you save more money and increase team productivity.




Raphaël Greppin

Raphaël Greppin

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