Mobile Fleet Tracking: Everything you Need to Know

Mobile Fleet Tracking: Everything you Need to Know

Growing competition and shrinking margins can be absolute nightmares for your bottom line. Many fleet managers are drowning in paperwork and feel overworked and exhausted. A lack of visibility constantly thwarts team productivity. This means companies end up paying more. More for fuel, wages, overtime, and asset maintenance.

When you’re operating in such a high-pressure environment every single day, you need to become best friends with technology. Modern-day telematics can help you stretch every dollar in your budget further.

What is Fleet Tracking?

An important feature in any fleet management software is the ability to locate and monitor all fleet assets from anywhere, in real-time. 

How does fleet tracking work? By installing GPS tracking hardware onto vehicles, equipment, and tools, then linking the device to an app, you can potentially unlock instant savings. Many companies end up reducing fleet costs and see a significant return on investment. 

Fleet tracking technology continues to revolutionize the way European fleets do business. Why is it becoming so popular? Because it’s an easy and affordable way to immediately gain a competitive edge. 

It’s estimated the European fleet management market will grow by USD $8.78 billion (a CAGR of over 17%) between 2021-2025. (Source: Technavio)

Will you adopt this technology or fall behind?

Mobile Benefits to Fleet Tracking

Who doesn’t want to save more, spend less, and make a ton of money? Unfortunately, many fleet managers don’t realize the full potential of fleet tracking software. 

Many fleet managers say:

  • Isn’t it just a dot on the map?
  • I already trust my employees, why do I need this?
  • I don’t have time to change everything and learn how this works!

The truth is, fleet tracking is much, much more powerful than just a simple “dot on a map”. It benefits all companies, especially ones who care about their employees’ wellbeing! Telematics hardware takes anywhere between 5-35 minutes to install, and a software demo can have you up and running in less than 1 hour. 

Are you willing to invest a few hours to explore a new fleet tracking system that could save you tens of thousands of dollars a year? (Read more about reducing fleet costs here.) Here are some of the top benefits of fleet tracking.

Improves Driver Safety and Training

Fleet tracking is not micromanagement or “spying” on your workers. It’s about transparency, accountability, and safety. 

A GPS tracking system actually improves driver safety and training. By collecting valuable data about a driver’s performance, managers can reduce risky driving behaviors (i.e. harsh braking, speeding, idling). 

Many accidents and fines (as well as legal fees) can be prevented with the right precautions. By encouraging safety, companies pay less for insurance, repairs, and other liabilities as well.

Increase Team Productivity

Fleet tracking apps not only help drivers manage their tasks, but also show them the best routes to take. This reduces delays and ensures jobs get done on time. The fleet management app helps managers plan schedules faster, too. Better team productivity equals happier employees and higher profits.

Logifleet’s Worker Connect is built for teams. This means the foreman or technician can track working time for the entire team with just a few clicks. There’s no need to give a smartphone or a separate account for each worker.

Workers can be automatically clocked in and out of job sites, so you always know who's working where. Track individual workers or teams with ease. The office and/or depot can easily check on work progress at the construction site to anticipate future needs.

Employees want to be useful and productive. They enjoy recognition and rewards for their efforts. Praise often leads to higher levels of employee satisfaction. However, if performance is never tracked or measured, how can managers acknowledge good workers?

Fleet tracking can actually motivate drivers to not only be safer but also do a better job, too. With the right program in place, managers can encourage drivers to keep each other accountable and reward them based on performance.

Keeps Fleets in Top Shape

If you have a filthy, disorganized home, it’s a lot harder to clean it (and it takes longer too). When you don’t keep up with the tidying, your appliances and furnishings experience more wear and tear and lose their value. 

It’s the same for your fleet. The longer you wait to organize your assets and track maintenance schedules, the worse it is for your fleet’s health. If you can’t keep your most expensive assets working in prime condition for as long as possible, you’ll lose money. Poorly maintained vehicles are more likely to require repairs. Damaged equipment could stop working during crucial times, causing project delays. 

The health of your fleet depends on the health of each asset. Fleet tracking isn’t just for vehicles - it’s useful for mixed fleets as well. This means monitoring and maintaining heavy machinery and expensive equipment. Installing a simple fleet tracking device can reduce your total cost of ownership and extend an asset’s lifespan!

Forget about sticky notes and endless calendar pop-ups. Never miss another repair or routine maintenance. The fleet tracking app even notifies you if you’re falling behind on maintenance. It will organize all your assets and sort them so you can immediately identify potential problems. Never wonder about which vehicles are underperforming - now it’s easy to find out.

Less Paperwork

Drivers hate wasting time filling out paperwork. Managers and other staff hate reviewing and processing it. With a fleet tracking system, all trips and work times are automatically logged. No more manual work or rough estimates. Fewer headaches for the whole team, and the company saves money on paper, toner, and file storage. It’s a win-win.

Better Customer Service

All commercial fleets experience angry customer calls. Customers may get frustrated with long wait times, delays, or last-minute changes. They want accurate arrival times and speedy service. With fleet tracking, it’s easy to answer a client's questions. You can give them more helpful information, faster because the answers are right on your dashboard. 

There’s no need to bother or distract drivers with unnecessary calls. Managers can communicate better with their staff, and keep customers happier, too.

Eager to learn more? Read our blog about fleet monitoring best practices.

Who Can Benefit From Mobile Fleet Tracking?

Many companies mistakenly believe that mobile fleet tracking only benefits the managers. That’s not true! The truth is, everyone on the team benefits from this app.

For example, Logifleet’s Worker Connect app helps both fleet managers and drivers.



  • Review work hours and downtime with ease
  • Get notified if employees leave certain geo zones or engage in risky driving
  • Easily assign, review or modify driver schedules
  • Keep track of employees’ activity and job performance all in one place
  • Real-time and historical data 
  • Export reports on demand


  • Never worry about lost or forgotten timesheets and logs
  • Easily track jobs, routes, and locations
  • Stamp and submit your hours straight through your phone (even offline)
  • Easily request time off directly through the app
  • Locate any selected asset or the nearest asset at any time
  • Order machines, parts, and materials directly from the mobile app (Coming Soon)



Features of our Mobile Fleet Tracking

Look no further for the ultimate fleet management solution! Our team can customize plans to suit your business needs. Contact us for a free, 30-minute consultation today.

Real-time monitoring

When so many mobile assets are spread over such a large geographical area, real-time data is essential. Sometimes, for time-sensitive deliveries, every minute matters. With real-time monitoring, managers can always find the nearest machine to do a job. They can ensure work is progressing along at the right place. If there are understaffed sites, it’s easy to reallocate assignments and shuffle schedules around.

Real-time monitoring of all your fleet assets gives you greater visibility and flexibility in your operations.

Real-time monitoring

Insightful reports

Under or over-utilization of certain assets could cause unwanted delays and assignment errors. Telematics is a great tool to help companies balance supply and demand (Source: Fleet Europe). Our fleet tracking app organizes information on every asset (from distance driven to activity) so it’s easier to make important decisions about asset allocation.

Insightful reports

Historical logs

Without relying on historical data, it’s impossible to understand performance trends over time. How productive was your fleet last quarter compared to this quarter? How much time did your fleet spend idling over the past six weeks? Our fleet tracking app can pull up the answers to all these questions and more with just a few clicks.

Historical logs

Interested in learning more about how Logifleet works? Why not book a 30-minute, obligation-free call? There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.



Raphaël Greppin

Raphaël Greppin

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