Tips to Improve Fleet Management in the Energy Market

Tips to Improve Fleet Management in the Energy Market

How Fleet Management Impacts Costs

Fleets that support energy field operations face unique daily challenges. As a fleet manager in the energy industry, you may oversee mixed fleets with more than 500 assets. Any operational inefficiencies could result in wasted time, money, and productivity. It’s also your job to ensure workers’ safety on the road and out in the field. 

Many external factors can reduce your fleet’s safety and efficiency. Poor driving behaviors could wreak havoc on your vehicles. Increased traffic congestion leads to longer idle times. Sustainability measures limit vehicle selection and access to cities. As a result, your fleet may face significant mobility issues in the next few years. The industry is constantly changing, and your fleet management needs to stay up to date.

How to Improve Your Fleet Management

You can’t solve problems you don’t understand. The first step is auditing your existing processes and diagnosing any problems that may arise. 

When evaluating your fleet, you should ask:

  • What’s working well?
  • What’s unnecessary or needs improvement?
  • Are we staying compliant and minimizing liability?
  • Are we staying sustainable?

Try using our Fleet Tracking Checklist to help you establish a baseline for your current performance. Once you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to take advantage of a powerful fleet management solution. Logifleet has helped many European businesses enjoy an immediate return on investment.

Logifleet Solutions

Logifleet is a comprehensive fleet management software designed for mobile workforces. It’s used by many companies across all industries, including: construction, energy, hospitality and more. Our simple and easy-to-set-up system will relieve administrative burdens and help you better organize and manage your teams. Logifleet safely tracks and records data about your entire fleet, which is accessible directly within the software.

Logifleet offers the following solutions:

Vehicle Connect

Driver fatigue and long hours behind the wheel are dangerous for drivers. 

In 2014, the total social cost of vehicle accident casualties (fatalities and injuries) is estimated at 48,5 billion euros. The estimated cost of road injuries are higher in Switzerland compared to the average in Europe (Source: European Road Safety Observatory).

Vehicle Connect helps fleets stay safer by monitoring driver behavior and vehicle health. With Vehicle Connect, all your connected vehicles will be listed and shown on the same map, so you can track them all at a glance. You can track work progress across multiple sites from the comfort of your office or on the go using your mobile. Using telematics, data is transmitted in real-time to assure you always have up-to-date information on your fleet.

Additionally, Vehicle Connect constantly monitors your vehicles’ health and reminds you about scheduled maintenance. By tracking a fleets’ health, you can reduce downtime and overall maintenance costs, as well as avoid unexpected breakdowns.

With an extensive list of data and monitoring capabilities, Vehicle Connect reduces downtime and delays and makes it effortless to manage larger teams out in the field.

These GPS fleet tracking devices are easy to set up (sometimes as fast as 10-15 minutes). Our app is user-friendly and we have exceptional customer service to help you with setup and troubleshooting.

Why Choose Vehicle Connect?

Reduce administrative burden

Reduce downtime, theft, and loss

Speeds up project management and improves driver safety

Learn more about Vehicle Connect.

Tool Connect

Small to medium-sized tools are vulnerable to theft and loss. Often one department may borrow a tool and forget to return it. Workers may forget about certain tools or they might get stolen. With Tool Connect, you will always know where your tools are in real-time. Our compact, battery-powered trackers discretely protect your assets while sending live usage reports back to Logifleet’s software platform. You can even track tools that are not powered by electricity.

Tool Connect

Managers will no longer scramble to rent unnecessary tools for the job. Tool Connect maximizes asset utilization so you’re getting the most use possible out of your tools.

Choose between 2 types of Logifleet tool trackers:


Learn more about Tool Connect.

Machine Connect

Idle machines are bad for your bottom line. However, it’s not always easy to see which machines are available. While managers used to manually track machines with spreadsheets, results were often inaccurate and the process was inefficient. With Machine Connect, you can reduce fleet costs by improving efficiency in your mixed fleet. Set up once and enjoy full visibility over your operations.

Vehicle Connect-1

Machine Connect allows you to monitor asset locations and their usage on a daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly basis. It’s easy to look through historical data to see each machine’s working hours, idle time, distance traveled and maintenance logs. 

Learn more about Machine Connect.

Worker Connect

Stop using paper logs and forms to track working time. With the Worker Connect app, your team members will improve their productivity. They will spend more time focused on work, instead of administrative duties. Managers have less headaches, too!

Why Workers Love Worker Connect

Request absences in seconds

Track work time with ease straight from their phone

Access better routes and complete jobs faster


Why Managers Love Worker Connect

Access downtime and vacation records in seconds

Analyze employee performance with ease

Monitor work locations, activity, and hours in real-time

Learn more about Worker Connect.

Data Connect

Integrations with other well-known software make transitioning to Logifleet a breeze. Logifleet can synchronize your data (i.e. customer data, working hours, etc) bidirectionally, in real-time. This means less manual data entry and wasted time. 

Easy integration and automation mean you can streamline your workflow without hiring a developer or adding to your administrative workload. Once the connector is set up, you can effortlessly share data between teams and improve your productivity. 


With fuel prices constantly fluctuating, it’s critical to cut costs where you can and maximize productivity. Logifleet is an all-in-one tool that will transform your fleet operations. We provide a huge variety of tools and we customize our plans to fit your team’s needs. Contact our team for a free demo today!

Raphaël Greppin

Raphaël Greppin

Founder and director of LogiFleet SA since 2002, I take care of the company acquisition and projects management.

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